3D Printing

3D Printing is an overwhelming field today. When I started with my first Ultimaker almost 8 years ago in June 2011, there were not so many ressources around. But the community, suppliers and companies around 3D printing evolved quickly. Today there is a vast amount of infomation and sometimes it’s not so easy to find reliable sources, tips and tricks.

On this Link-List I will curate the links to Blog Articles, Products and YouTube Channels I follow myself and which in my opinion are valuable to others as well.


3D Design Software

Autodesk Fusion 360

Absolutely the best 3D modelling tool available. Thanks to Autodesk’s generosity as a maker who is not using the models commercially you are able to use the software for free. However you have to signup for an account and request this free license which is valid for one year. After that year you can extend again for another year. I hope this will stay like that!

There is a learning curve, but it’s worth it! See the YouTube channels below.

3D Model ressources


Another placea to find 3D models. I use it often to search for models of electronics board whena I’m about to make an enclosure or box. Helps with modelling without measuring to much.


The place to go if you are looking for something you want to print before you sit down and construct it yourselfs.

Here you find the designs I made public.

My favorite 3d printers

Cetus 3D

My latest addition to my 3D Printers, but as well the most reliable one. Already have 2 of them MK2 and the new MK3.

Delta Rostock Kossel

Built from a kit together with 3 collegues in our company (everybody built one). Hard to calibrate, but quite reliable afterwards. Included a heat bed, so first layers were no problem.

Mini Kossel

Number 2 on my 3D Printer journey. Built from a kit from some dutch guys. Speed was ok, quality medium. But building was fun and I learned a lot.

Ultimaker Original

My very first 3D Printer. Built in June 2011 from a Kit of the then new company Ultimaker. After a lot of fiddling around it printed spectacular, but also made a lot of noise. Still have it and will try to update the motherboard from Arduino to a Smoothieboard.

Slicing Software and Utilities


Cura belongs to the Ultimaker but is available for free also for other printers. You just have to configure the appropriate settings. This was the first Slicer I used for a long time with my Ultimaker and also with the Kossels. Well maintained and a lot of support you find on the internet.


Sometimes you use your computer for other tasks while your 3D printer is building this 48h monster. If you have a spare Raspberry Pi you can install Octoprint, connect it to your WLAN and check on different printer parameters from time to time with your Web-Browser in a nice User Interface.

Pronterface - Printrun

If you like to control your 3D Printer via the USB interface, this little Open Source tool comes in very handy. Helps a lot with debugging and calibrating a new or self made 3D printer.

Simlify 3D

This is a professional slicer with a nice community around it. I used it mainly for the Ultimaker and Kossel’s. Cetus 3D comes with its own software which works pretty good. Check out the different guides on Simplify3d’s website, there you find valuable information to see how you can improve the results from your printer.

Youtube Channels with Hints and Tips

Fusion 360 in 30 days

You want to use Fusion360 to model your parts? You dont know where to start learning this tool? Join Kevin Kennedy on his YouTube channel and watch and practice his “Fusion 360 in 30 days” series. I promise, you will be able to design simple stuff extremly fast.

Makers Muse

Angus from Makers Muse is a young guy (quite famous with 367’000 subscribers) who is musing about all the stuff around 3D printing. He tests new printers, filament and tools. Go check it out, he has a nice attitude.