It started with a Synology NAS and a single Raspberry Pi 3 and ended up in a collection of Intel NUC's, old Mac Mini's and some UniFi Networking gear. This collection is about the services I host on my HomeLab and the tools and applications around it.


Server Virtualization and Storage


Every HomeLab owner wants and needs to build, teardown and rebuild servers on a regular occasion to try out new stuff. Maybe there is also a need to have some services on a highly available (redundant) setup. And of course we need a way to store our ever growing amount of data generated from the different applications and services we run. And last but not least we need a way to backup all this things somewhere safe.

Proxmox is a open source very user friendly server virtualization platform which runs on almost every hardware.

Synology NAS

To store all my local files from the HomeLab as well as the music I ripped from my CD's in the earlier days not to mention the sheer amount of pictures accumulating over the years I bought a 2 bay NAS some time ago. The DS718+ served me well for already many years. Next to the network storage (NFS) for my Proxmox virtual servers it also acts as a Docker Host where I run some of my local containers like the MQTT broker, the Reverse Proxy and some other services for my Home Automation which need only a few ressources.


UniFi Networking Gear

Every HomeLab needs some networking equipment. After some research I decided to go with a router, some switches and wireless access points from UniFi. They seem reliable and have a nice controller application you can either self host or buy as a hardware device called Cloud Key.