Hosting Providers

My business career was turning around everything Microsoft. Hovever, in my spare time I also started to look at alternatives for stuff I needed to host somewhere else than on my local HomeLab.

This is a collection of hosters I use myself which are affordable for private and small business use and have some specialities amongst the big players.


Cloud Servers


Very affordable, reliable and locations in Europe. Hetzner is my Cloud Hoster of choice to run some of my self but cloud hosted services.

Clear pricing models without any hidden costs and a very intuitive user interface to manage the servers. With the available API it is also very easy to automate the setup and deployment of servers and services wit tools like Ansible.


A nice french company with servers in Paris and some other locations. I choose this company several years ago because of their affordable offering of ARM64 servers. However, after a while they decomissioned those servers and discontinued the offering. Today I still use the free tier of the S3 storage to backup some of my HomeLab stuff.

Domain Hosting


This is my Swiss hosting provider for all my domains. Very nice company, awesome support and affordable prices also for WebHosting. Here I host my earlier WordPress instances as well as all my email accounts.


Cloudflare is more than just Domain Hosting. They offer services around security and in their words: a global network built for the cloud.

I mainly use the DNS services from Cloudflare. With the API and access to the DNS-01 challenge for Let's encrypt certificates it helps in my HomeLab to manage external access to different services I run.

Kubernetes Hosting


A nice bunch of people over in Great Britain. They started a Kubernetes Hosting service some month ago. I was fortunate to be in the beta program to use the early versions of their services. Great user experience to spin up a whole Kubernetes cluster (they use the k3s flavour from Rancher) and play around an learn the trade with Kubernetes. This year (May 2021) the services are coming out of beta and are available for production.