Hello World

01. December 2018 18:00
1 min reading
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Here I am, setting up my blog to share some findings I encounter on my journeys in Home Automation, 3D Printing and tinkering with Electronics and Microcontrollers.

While working as a Software Engineer in my earlier days I did not have so much drive to put energy into side projects. But in the last couple of year, now in a Management position, it started to tingle in my hands and I got into tinkering again.

The main area is still my “Home Automation”. Here I’m using several Raspberry Pi’s, my Synology NAS and a lot of sensors and devices from different sources and different brands.

So I started reading a lot from all the contributors on the internet, enhancing my knowledge from watching “YouTubers” and taking online courses about many topics like Python, Machine Learning, Docker and more.

Now is the time to give back some of my gathered knowledge to the community. I hope it will help some of you while you are looking for some pointers, tips and tricks.