Case for Raspi with Jabra Speak 410

04. January 2019 19:32
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With this project the intention was to replace ALEXA with a selfhosted solution called Snips. However the project got bought by SONOS and is not available as open source anymore. The case could be still helpful if you intend to make another project which involves a Raspberry Pi and some good microphone array or speaker

My first attempt to get rid of ALEXA in my Home Automation setup is to use Snips as my locally controlled voice assistant. ALEXA has a nice housing and a very good microphone array and loudspeaker. That’s why I was looking for some hardware which resembles some of this behaviour.

With the Jabra Speak 410 I found such a device. But somehow we need to hide the Raspberry Pi which is driving Snips. Easy task if you have a 3D Printer 🙂

This is the result, a 3D printed case which holds the Raspi in place and will hold the Jabra on top. This will be the replacement for my ALEXA once the software is setup and all the Apps and Skills are trained.

Here are the links to the products:

Thingiverse link to the case
Jabra Speak 410
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
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