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20. January 2019 18:35

In the last 5 parts we were looking at many different subjects not only specifically relat...

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05. January 2019 14:21

The need for this case arrived when I was working on a self hosted Alexa alternative (see ...

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01. January 2019 13:34

We are still in the process to write our first Snips App. In the last parts of this Blog S...

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31. December 2018 21:22

In the previous part we were looking at the text we want Snips to tell us trough TTS. Sinc...

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30. December 2018 17:45

In part one and two we looked at how we can tell Snips what we intend to ask. Now we shoul...

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25. December 2018 20:23

Today I will try to make a new skill for the Snips Platform. The skill should be able to a...